Due to lack of ongoing funding,
the ANR Foundation Tobacco Industry Tracking Database has been taken offline.

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Tobacco Industry Tracking Database

The Tobacco Industry Tracking Database© contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, and detailed indexing for more than thirty thousand articles, news stories, and other materials regarding the tobacco industry; clean indoor air campaigns; and other tobacco policy issues. The scope of the coverage is mainly limited to tobacco policy issues within the United States.

Documents in the database date back to the early 1960s, although the primary focus of the collection is 1993 to present. The database is updated weekly. Sources include newspapers, magazines, trade journals, internal tobacco industry documents, and other related materials.

In February 2007, the ANR Foundation was fortunate to be able to add several thousand records related to the science of secondhand smoke, smokefree air, and youth tobacco issues to the Tobacco Industry Tracking Database. These records do not contain the same level of indexing - for example, there are no Named Persons or Named Organizations fields in these additional records. We feel that these records add value to the collection, even without the more detailed level of indexing.

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