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eye problems from smoking

Cigarette Vision: The Unseen Eye Problems from Smoking

Many of us are acquainted with the common health hazards of smoking: respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, and a dulled sense of taste and smell. However, having eye problems from smoking is a topic that doesn’t frequently make the headlines, despite its significance. The act of lighting up a cigarette not only damages our internal organs Read More

black stains on teeth

Black Stains On Teeth: The Different Aspects Of Teeth Discoloration

Black stains on teeth can be an unsightly and concerning dental issue that affects many individuals. They manifest as dark discolorations on the tooth surface, often causing embarrassment and negatively impacting self-esteem. While these stains have various causes, they are commonly associated with factors such as tobacco use, consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages, poor Read More

does vape smoke stain teeth

The Smoking Alternative: Does Vape Smoke Stain Teeth?

You probably have heard about the dangers of smoking. Smoking cigarettes can lead to cancer, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, etc. Moreover, this bad habit is directly related to a host of dental risks like bad breath, tooth discoloration, gum disease, oral cancer, and more. Therefore, some smokers have used electronic cigarettes (or vapes) to Read More

two dentists smiling

How To Avoid The Most Expensive Dental Procedures

Each dental work requires extensive knowledge and time for a dentist to practice. This is the reason why some treatments are quite pricey. A lot of expensive procedures come are under cosmetic dentistry as they are effective in improving smiles. Let us determine the most expensive dental procedures along with tips on how to avoid them. Read More

smoking marijuana

Why Do Eyes Get Red After Smoking Marijuana?

Are you wondering why do eyes get red after smoking weed? Usually, marijuana use and bloodshot eyes go hand in hand. However, they typically subside and return to normal after 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes, they can last to 12 hours, depending on the dose. So, suppose you have red eyes for an extended period and are accompanied by other symptoms. In that case, you should get checked by Omnicare Medical’s trusted Southbank doctors. They will help you determine your underlying cause and give you the treatment you need. Continue reading to learn more about why marijuana use makes your eyes red and how to get rid of them. Read More

quit smoking

How Does Smoking Affect Your Lungs?

We are all aware of the dangers smoking poses. Indeed, cigarette smoking affects our general health. How does smoking affect your lungs? It puts us at risk of lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, lung damage, and long-term respiratory system problems. Moreover, Secondhand smoking increases the risk of heart disease. Get some advice at on how you will quit tobacco use and restore the health of your teeth damaged caused by smoking.
Read More

The man performs the breathing exercises.

Exercise for Lungs After Smoking: How to Make Your Lungs Healthy?

Most people know that smoking adversely affects your lungs and overall health. However, not everyone is aware that exercise for lungs after smoking can help make your lungs healthy again. This excellent method helps increase your lung capacity and keep your lungs healthy. Only remember that you should quit smoking and start working out! Read More

what smoking does to your teeth

Smoking and Dental Health: What Smoking Does To Your Teeth

Whatever publication, news article, video, or advertisement you may see about smoking, you would not find anything that mentions any good effects that come from it. They say smoking weed or cigarettes can stain your teeth, make you develop bad breath, and other aesthetic issues. There are certain health problems that you may encounter or increase your risk of developing once you start getting addicted to smoking. So, let’s find out once and for all what smoking does to your teeth and to your overall oral health. Read More

whiten teeth after smoking

How To Remove Smoking Stains From Teeth? Whitening Tips

Did you know that smoking affects not only your lungs but also your teeth and gum? One of the most common complications with smokers is stained teeth, which, if left untreated, can lead to significant dental concerns. If you happen to notice pale stains on your teeth, this is a common sign that smoking has badly affected your dental structure. Read More

boiling mouth guards to achieve the exact fit

Boiling Mouth Guards: Ensuring Good Fit For Your Mouth

Boiling mouth guards helps in setting them correctly according to your mouth fit. A new mouth guard needs boiling for fitting purposes. However, it would be best to know several options to keep your teeth intact. In general, your dental health is essential to achieve an excellent overall health condition. Read More

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