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smoking post surgery healing

Smoking And Healing After Surgery: Comparing Its Relationship

It is no secret to anyone that cigarette smoking is the world’s worst nightmare. Aside from the harm it brings to almost every organ in the human body, it can also severely affect a larger population through secondhand smoke. More so, many people are unaware that smoking poses a great danger in medical practice. If you want to ease your recovery, it is advisable to quit smoking as soon as possible. Read More

is smoking before surgery okay

Can I Smoke Before Surgery? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do It

While it is no secret how smoking causes serious health problems, only a few people are aware that smoking is related to treatment failure. If you are a smoker and preparing for surgery, asking questions such as “Can I smoke before surgery?” is not new to physician anesthesiologists. It is essential to let them know about your smoking habits and allow them to discuss how smoking might affect your surgical treatment. Read More

reasons why teeth turn yellow

Why Do Teeth Yellow? Five Reasons Behind Tooth Discolouration

When a person smiles, the first thing that anyone will notice is the colour of their teeth. While tooth discolouration is common for every person, it can make some people feel more self-conscious. If you’re one of them, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear you ponder the reasons why do teeth yellow or become discoloured. Read More

a man addicted to smoking

Does Nicotine Help With Stress? (Other Ways To Relieve Stress)

Does nicotine help with stress? Probably. However, do you know how harmful it can be for you and the people who surround you? If I were you, I would instead find another way to beat your stress. In other words, other methods are applicable to relieve stress and anxiety without sacrificing your health as well as other people’s health. Read More

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening: Making Your Teeth Sparkle

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a procedure under cosmetic dentistry that provides patients an opportunity to improve teeth color. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry reached a different level in improving oral condition. Please try to visit Advanced Dental Care Dubbo’s website and see the wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments they offer. Read More

comparing teeth shade

Bonding Vs. Veneers: Which Dental Restoration Is Better?

Bonding vs. veneers- these two restorations are both equally efficient when it comes to restoring smiles. But there is are several differences that set them apart from each other. These treatments from cosmetic dentistry provide immediate and excellent results that truly enhance the person’s appearance. If you can’t decide if which between dental bonding and dental veneers is best for you, go to Read More

woman drinking tea

Does Tea Stain Your Teeth (Things To Do To Avoid Discoloration)

Teeth discoloration is the result of eating foods that causes stain. Many foods can cause stains such as coffee, wine, and bright-colored foods. Tea can cause stains as well, it is a kind of drink that many people enjoy. If you are wondering how does tea stain your teeth, the reason is because of the tannins (a substance found in plants) which sticks to the enamel leaving a stain on the teeth. Are you in need of teeth whitening? Richmond-based Riverlands Dental clinic suggests that professional procedures are more efficient compared to over-the-counter whitening products. Read More

holding weights upward in an extended period

Endurance Workout: Effective Execution For Excellent Results

An endurance workout allows an individual to increase their body’s ability to withstand activity for extended periods. Exercising covers different aspects of our bodies. Every exercise targets individual body parts. As a result, it offers several benefits that the body will enjoy for an extended period. It applies to endurance training as well. You can go to and boost your aerobic performance. Read More

Quit smoking before surgery

Why it is important to quit smoking before surgery

If you are scheduled for surgery such as body lift procedures and happen to be a smoker, then you must know that a correlation exists between the two. Read More

Vaping Before Surgery

Complications When Vaping Before Surgery

Smoking was never a good idea. This is a common sentence we listen from a person who smokes on a regular basis. But what about Vaping? Read More

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