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how long does sinus problems last after quitting smoking

How Long Does Sinus Problems Last After Quitting Smoking: Understanding the Healing Timeline

Embarking on the journey to quit smoking marks the beginning of a transformative path toward enhanced health and well-being. Among the myriad benefits, improved respiratory health is a paramount achievement. A question frequently pondered by individuals in this transition is, How long do sinus problems last after quitting smoking? This article delves into the complexities Read More

does vape smoke stain teeth

The Smoking Alternative: Does Vape Smoke Stain Teeth?

You probably have heard about the dangers of smoking. Smoking cigarettes can lead to cancer, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, etc. Moreover, this bad habit is directly related to a host of dental risks like bad breath, tooth discoloration, gum disease, oral cancer, and more. Therefore, some smokers have used electronic cigarettes (or vapes) to Read More

two dentists smiling

How To Avoid The Most Expensive Dental Procedures

Each dental work requires extensive knowledge and time for a dentist to practice. This is the reason why some treatments are quite pricey. A lot of expensive procedures come are under cosmetic dentistry as they are effective in improving smiles. Let us determine the most expensive dental procedures along with tips on how to avoid them. Read More

boiling mouth guards to achieve the exact fit

Boiling Mouth Guards: Ensuring Good Fit For Your Mouth

Boiling mouth guards helps in setting them correctly according to your mouth fit. A new mouth guard needs boiling for fitting purposes. However, it would be best to know several options to keep your teeth intact. In general, your dental health is essential to achieve an excellent overall health condition. Read More

reasons why teeth turn yellow

Why Do Teeth Yellow? Five Reasons Behind Tooth Discolouration

When a person smiles, the first thing that anyone will notice is the colour of their teeth. While tooth discolouration is common for every person, it can make some people feel more self-conscious. If you’re one of them, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear you ponder the reasons why do teeth yellow or become discoloured. Read More

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening: Making Your Teeth Sparkle

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a procedure under cosmetic dentistry that provides patients an opportunity to improve teeth color. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry reached a different level in improving oral condition. Please try to visit Advanced Dental Care Dubbo’s website and see the wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments they offer. Read More

comparing teeth shade

Bonding Vs. Veneers: Which Dental Restoration Is Better?

Bonding vs. veneers- these two restorations are both equally efficient when it comes to restoring smiles. But there is are several differences that set them apart from each other. These treatments from cosmetic dentistry provide immediate and excellent results that truly enhance the person’s appearance. If you can’t decide if which between dental bonding and dental veneers is best for you, go to Read More

woman drinking tea

Does Tea Stain Your Teeth (Things To Do To Avoid Discoloration)

Teeth discoloration is the result of eating foods that causes stain. Many foods can cause stains such as coffee, wine, and bright-colored foods. Tea can cause stains as well, it is a kind of drink that many people enjoy. If you are wondering how does tea stain your teeth, the reason is because of the tannins (a substance found in plants) which sticks to the enamel leaving a stain on the teeth. Are you in need of teeth whitening? Richmond-based Riverlands Dental clinic suggests that professional procedures are more efficient compared to over-the-counter whitening products. Read More