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smoking post surgery healing

Smoking And Healing After Surgery: Comparing Its Relationship

It is no secret to anyone that cigarette smoking is the world’s worst nightmare. Aside from the harm it brings to almost every organ in the human body, it can also severely affect a larger population through secondhand smoke. More so, many people are unaware that smoking poses a great danger in medical practice. If you want to ease your recovery, it is advisable to quit smoking as soon as possible. Read More

is smoking before surgery okay

Can I Smoke Before Surgery? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do It

While it is no secret how smoking causes serious health problems, only a few people are aware that smoking is related to treatment failure. If you are a smoker and preparing for surgery, asking questions such as “Can I smoke before surgery?” is not new to physician anesthesiologists. It is essential to let them know about your smoking habits and allow them to discuss how smoking might affect your surgical treatment. Read More