Is Vaping Bad For You

Is Vaping Bad for You?

Cigarettes have always been the bane of any society. Known to have been a base link to other addictive drugs. We all know the government trying it’s best to bring down the sales of cigarette smoking and NGOs trying to stop people from smoking it with different kinds of campaigns. It causes some concern leading to oral health problem. Then the world got to know a new kind of recreational activity, “E-Cigarettes”. More commonly referred to as Vaping, this came out as a new revolutionary product that could help people quit smoking. It was said that it is far less harmful than actual cigarettes. But is that true? Apparently research proved otherwise. Let’s see.

Here are some points to ponder upon if you need to know if Vaping is bad for you or not.

1. Nicotine in any form is addictive if you take it regularly. All E-Cigarettes contain nicotine in liquid form. So, you’re going to ingest nicotine weather you like it or not.

2. Nicotine is known to damage blood vessels and have extreme bad effects on people with heart problems as well.

3. It can cause damage to unborn babies if ingested by pregnant women.

4. Some models of E-Cigarettes contain Formaldehyde. This is something which is used to make anti-freeze liquids as well as being used in construction material. Suffice to say, an inorganic chemical which can cause cancer. And we all know how good cancer is for the body.

5. Smoking of any kind is bad for your lungs as it is. Any form of smoke contains chemicals in the thousands. The most notorious of which are known as carcinogens. These chemicals can go deep into the lung tissue and cause irreparable damage to the basic structure.

6. Any form of smoke inhaled produces mucous in the lungs. Mucous is produced as a cleaning and defensive mechanism whenever there is a foreign object, waste or unnecessary build up inside your lungs. Suffice to say that something bad is there which requires getting rid of.


Although there are many other reasons that can be pointed out to not use Vaping products, the above mentioned points should be enough for anyone to reconsider using E-Cigarettes and quite smoking altogether.



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