Long Term Effects of Tobacco

The Long Term Effects of Tobacco On Your Body

Using tobacco may have long time effects. There are times that people might be under the myth that it is a safe alternative but that is not the case. The habit of chewing tobacco can be an extremely addictive habit that you get into once and you can be hooked. Even if you find out how dangerous it is, it becomes difficult to let go off the habit.
Also it might have never crossed your mind but the fact remains that chewing tobacco contains tons of cancer causing harsh chemical in it. It contains a host of chemicals that will bring on the worst possible kinds of cancers. If you are conscious of your health and want to lead a long and healthy life, then this is one thing that you will avoid for certain. The following are Long term effects of tobacco:


Nicotine , tar are some the contents of tobacco . Coronary diseases is done by blood clotting , which is done by nicotine as it raises the level of fatty acids .


Besides carbon particles ,there are other irritants in tobacco smoke, such as phenols, aldehydes and cyanides and these increase the danger of cancer in lungs. Statistically, smoking has been proved to have definite links with lung cancer, which is our commonest cancer in an age when cancer deaths are on the increase. The death rate from cancer of the lung in heavy cigarette smokers is thirty times more than that of non-smokers.


According to a survey , smoking cigarettes cause people to eat less . Though it lowers their weight but it is not suggested that overweight people should start smoking to lower their weight . Also not ignoring the fact that overweight non-smokers are more active than smokers .


1.Gastric and duodenal ulcers are much common among smokers as compared with non-smokers.

2.The chances of giving birth to still baby are more in smoking pregnant women .Smoking increase the amount of carbon-monoxide in blood stream of pregnant woman which deprives the fetus of oxygen leading to still birth or miscarriage .

3.Chronic bronchitis and smoker’s cough are causes by heavy smoking .

4.Consequences of smoking in a polluted area are extremely dangerous . It can cause respiratory diseases .

5. Teeth and overall dental hygiene is affected by tobacco smoking. Stains in the teeth are typical cases with smokers. You need to frequently arrange a meeting with your dentist if you’re a smoker. Curious on where to find dentists that perform teeth stain removal? Check out the link.


Passive Smoking
Smoking Is Bad. Even For The Ones Who Don’t Smoke.

By inhaling smoke regularly by sitting close to a smoker can also do harm to person. In public places smoking should be banned so the health of the non-smokers don’t be compromised.


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