Tobacco Advertising

The Problems Associated With Tobacco Advertising

We live in the 21st century, and it is called the century of advertising. And this is true. Every man couldn’t imagine his life without an advert nowadays. We can watch it everywhere we go, there are different hoardings, mail shot and spam in the Internet, word of mouth, commercials, etc.

Tobacco Advertisement
A Sample Tobacco Ad back in the 50’s

So it can influence our mind, our choice. It is proved, that most of the people prefer to buy a well-advertised product than an unknown one. Advert inspires us, and it keeps in our mind.

There are different kinds of the advert; it can make publicity of drinks, food, services, etc. But there are also adverts of tobacco. Of course, tobacco is such consumer products, as the others. And it is also advertised. But the main difference is the danger on people’s health.

Tobacco Advertising is that is designed to make cigarettes smoking look cool, attractive and downright sexy. It’s usually the tough macho character that smokes or the sexy siren woman. Cigarette advertising also means more than just advertisements themselves; by incorporating cigarettes into television shows and movies, this too is a form of advertising. Often smoking is equated with sexual activity, and any character that doesn’t smoke or that is trying to quit is ridiculed as being weak or often made to feel as if he or she doesn’t fit in.

Every of us make his choice himself, to use or not to use, to smoke and drink or not. People watch tobacco adverts indoors and outdoors, on radio and TV. At the end of such advert, there is always a reservation: Cigarette smoking damages your health. It is no coincidence because every year millions of people die because of cancer. Amount this people children, and the youth are also a part of the target audience because they can read and watch the entire advert.

To limit tobacco adverts on TV, radio, indoor and outdoor. It’s the duty of advertisers. And the responsibility of government to make and provide social programs, which can fight with these problems.

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  1. All of us know that there are dangers in smoking. Tobacco companies are just doing their job because it is the only source of their livelihood. We need a smart choice to whether buy this or not. It’s our body and it’s our decision to make.

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