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How to Quit Chewing Tobacco – Find Out How

In many ways quitting chewing tobacco is a lot like quitting cigarette smoking. They all include tobacco products that have nicotine and both also involve mental, physical and emotional aspects of addiction. The methods that involve mental aspects of quitting are basically the same. Oral intake of tobacco gives the user a stronger urge to have something in the mouth to substitute their snuffing, chewing or pouching habits. It still poses a danger to your health, especially your oral health. So, it’s still a good idea to have a dental examination once every 4 months or so.

There is no certain method that is right, but steps must be done.

Other Ways How to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Although these are not proven methods, they work for some people. They include use of tools other than prescription drugs or nicotine replacement therapy.

Cold Turkey and Gradual Withdrawal

Cold Turkey
Not This Bird.

Most people quit smokeless tobacco chewing cold turkey – by stopping immediately and completely without the help of nicotine replacement or medicine.

Some other people may stop by limiting their daily intake for a few weeks. This is called gradual withdrawal where you cut down on the number of time you chew or dip per day or chewing at specific times in a day. This helps to minimize the amount of nicotine in the body. This is a very helpful strategy especially if applied before the quit date you have set to reduce the withdrawal effects.

Use of Tobacco Pouches and Lozenges

The US Food and Drug Administration FDA has stipulated that strips, lozenges and stick products that are made of tobacco and the tiny pouches that contain tobacco are only some of the oral tobacco products and are not guaranteed someone to stop smoking. They however help for gradual withdrawal.

Support Programs

Support is an integral part of the quitting program. Anonymous groups, website quit programs, telephone quitting lines and other written materials and quit counselors can be a great source of help. Use your family members and friends to help you quit smoking. It’s the encouragement that they give you that increases your chances of quitting.

Home-made Remedies

Products made of ingredients like clover, mint and tea are said to have helped some people quit chewing tobacco. Others recommend coffee ground pouches or cayenne pepper. Herbal supplements and homeopathic aids are also said to be very helpful. However, these products have not been approved by FDA. It’s therefore important to consult a medical expert to find out which products can work for you and which ones cannot.

How to quit chewing tobacco is a lot like losing weight. They both require a strong commitment over a period of time. Although users that want to quit wish there was a magic pill that help the quitting being fast and easy, there is no such a remedy. Therapies and nicotine substitutes only help to reduce withdrawal symptoms, they only work well as part of the quitting program that addressed emotional, physical and mental parts of help quitting tobacco chewing.

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  1. I rather eat chewing gum than to chew tobacco. First of all, chewing tobacco is bad for your health and can cause you some dental problems unlike chewing gum which is good for mouth can give you fresh breath.

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