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Tobacco Chewing Effects to Your Teeth

Tobacco chewing has no smoke but its rich of harmful effects. It’s proven that smokeless tobacco use causes an oral health problem, cancer as well as nicotine addiction. Chewing tobacco is overall harmful to your oral health as well as overall health. In this article, I’ll cover the most common effects of tobacco chewing on your teeth to enlighten you on dangers associated with tobacco chewing to your teeth.

Stained Teeth and Bad Breath

Chewing tobacco for a long time can stain your teeth as well as the tongue. This will give unattractive look and hinder that good smile. Also, tobacco chewing results in the bad foul breath which is uncoverable. This breath is very unpleasant to anyone next to you thus causing bad effect to you and your friends and family members who may come contact to you.

It Affects Taste and Smell Senses

Tobacco contains more harsh chemicals. Other than impairing your oral health, these chemicals disrupt one’s smell and taste sense making it difficult to differentiate some taste and fail to sense some smells which may hinder your general health.

Increased Tooth Decaytooth decay

When one chews tobacco for a long time, the sugar agents found in smokeless tobacco damages your teeth enamel and lead to cavities. Teeth decay may completely destroy your teeth hence affecting your general oral health and hygiene.

Slow Healing After Extraction or Surgery

Tobacco has an irritating agent that reduces healing ability. Thus making it heal after any surgery or extraction which may occur.

Gum Recession

Chewing tobacco with small pinch next to your gums may cause unceasing and constant irritation. This completely damages the gums and the bone surrounding. When the tissue is damaged, gum pulls itself away from the teeth, thus causing sensitivity as well as exposing tooth to decay. In case the bone which surrounds the tooth erodes, it can lead to permanent losing tooth. If this occurs, there are good Chatswood dental implant specialists in Australia that can fill up that losing tooth. You can check them by clicking the link.

Causes Oral Cancer

Tobacco has over 28- a cancer-causing agent which leaves gums, lips, cheeks as well as the throat risked in constant exposure to more unhealthy juices. Tobacco chewing is associated with leukoplakia – a precancerous agent of the soft-tissue in the mouth that is made of the white patch that cannot easily be scrapped off. This result to oral cavity, larynx, pharynx as well as esophagus cancer.smokeless tobacco

These are just a few of the teeth and oral effects which are associated with tobacco chewing and cause a big damage to your teeth, moth and your general health. Tobacco chewing is not recommended due to its various effects which affect your oral and general body health.

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