are cigars bad for you

Top Reasons Why Cigars are Bad for You 

Most smokers view cigars as better and this is why they have gained popularity in the modern days. If you are planning to start smoking cigars, it’s advisable to understand the effects they can have in your body. Here are some of the major reasons why cigars are bad for you.

Causes Lung Disease

lung diseases
Tobacco Products and Lung Diseases Goes Hand In Hand.

One of the major side effects cigars have in your body is that they cause lung disease. Despite that you might not inhale it deeply; the smoke will still affect your lungs leading to inflammation and irritation. With time, cigar smoking can cause chronic bronchitis and other lung problems. It is also worth noting that the secondhand smoke you cause the same problems to other people.

It’s Full of Carcinogens

Just like other tobacco products, cigars have several chemicals that can cause cancer to you. The smoking can lead to different types of cancers including pancreas, lung, mouth and larynx cancer. This will be determined by the length of your smoking habit and the number of cigars you smoke daily. The more you smoke the higher the risks of developing these types of cancers.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Diseases
Heart Disease Is Common Among Tobacco Smokers.

Smoking cigars is a known to case heart problems. The habit leads to constriction of blood vessels, high blood pressure and accelerate your heart rate. All these problems cause straining of the entire cardiovascular system. Some of the symptoms you experience include fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath and general body weakness. If you do not get treated fast, these problems can cause stroke, heart failure and attack.

Addiction and Withdrawal Problems

Cigars have nicotine as one of the ingredients. Nicotine is known to stimulate the nervous system. It gets absorbed into the blood system and reaches the brain leading to addiction. If you get used to smoking cigars, you develop withdrawal symptoms making it hard to quit even if you want to. Some of the major withdrawal systems include inability to concentrate, irritability and anxiety.

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  1. Smoking cigarettes causes some oral and dental problems. One of the problems is discoloration of the teeth, having a bad breath etc. Once you smoke, it is hard to quit because of the nicotine contain in it. I think one way on how to quit smoking is do some things that will keep you busy to forget you to smoke like doing some exercise.

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