Month: October 2018

tobacco pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Tobacco While Having Breast Augmentation

First, let us know what the meaning of breast augmentation is. It is a surgery in which implants are inserted beneath the breasts which help to enlarge them. This surgery is not only for the women who have small breasts but also for those women who want bigger and shapelier breasts. This surgery is undertaken even by those women who notice that there is very much change in the size of their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Read More


Mouth Sores From Chewing Tobacco

Mouth sores from chewing tobacco Chewing tobacco is a type of smoking. Generally, there are two forms of smokeless tobacco that include; chewing tobacco and snuff. Often chewing tobacco also known as “chaw” is sold in form of leaf tobacco which are packed in a pouch. It’s placed between the gum and cheek thus consumers Read More

tobacco chest pain

Tobacco Chest Pain Causes

A large chunk of the world population is addicted to tobacco. The presence of nicotine in tobacco is the prime reason behind this addiction. It becomes almost impossible to quit, once you are addicted to.

The nicotine in tobacco increases the heart rate. As a consequence, prolonged use of smoking gives birth to various problems in the chest.

The heart and the lungs get affected, and one can experience chest pain due to this. Read More

Phantosmia Cigarette Smoke

Smokers are prone to lung cancer more often than nonsmokers. Severe other health conditions that may be sustained by smoking include throat, lung and lung cancer and other lung diseases such as a cough, emphysema, smokers, premature wrinkles, lack of strength and stamina, blood from the eyes and decreased loss of libido desire. Read More

cons of vaping

Cons Of Vaping

Even though vaping was common among different people much in the past, significant information about it hasn’t been made fully available. The introduction of vaping was based on health considerations, and this made it an option that the majority could adopt. Even though this wasn’t the case as vaping was seen to come with specific disadvantages that must be made clear for informed decision making. The article will focus on the cons of vaping and how we can handle ourselves better in such a case. Read More