Month: December 2018

woman shows that tobacco stain teeth

Does tobacco stain teeth?

For the sake of aesthetics, its everyone desire to have white healthy teeth that portray their beautiful smile. However, teeth discoloration in humans is often considered as undesirable and poor oral hygiene(unaesthetic). Stains on teeth are caused by a variety of reasons and tobacco is one of them (major one actually). If you are a Read More

Cigar Smoking Trends and Risk Factors

Cigar smoking used to an activity that attracted the older men, Primarily. It was additionally a custom in the United States for new dads to pass cigars out to their male companions when their child was conceived. Read about the risk factors of cigar smoking. Admittedly, these niches do exist. However, youthful people are picking Read More

What Happens You Stop Smoking Weed

What Happens When You Stop Smoking Weed

Many people battle against themselves to quit smoking weed. Some of them, in the end, can make tracks in the opposite direction from it, Read More

How Much Nicotine In One Cigarette

Smoking is probably the only thing that all smokers need to consider. Why not take a few minutes, recognizing this fact. When did you last check what you smoke? It’s important to know specific facts about smoking; most published materials may be outdated or altered. Are you a fan of tobacco leaves or cloves? The Read More

Can Smoking Cause Sinus Infections

Can Smoking Cause Sinus Infections

All of us are aware of the effect smoking has on the functionality of the lungs. But a great number of smokers that have sinus infections have always Read More

How To Quit Smoking

How To Stop Smoking In Public

No Smoking is a sign that you can see almost everywhere, inside the mall, in a public utility vehicle, restaurant, street, hospital, Read More

Stop Smoking

Effective Tips On How To Quit Smoking

To combat the addiction, it’s therefore advisable to follow some of the popular natural methods on how to quit smoking. Learn about these methods Read More

How Long Does Tobacco Stay In Your System

Understanding How Long Does Tobacco Stay In Your System

The tobacco affects the human system. Tobacco has remained one of the most used drugs across the world, and can affect both the passive and the active users. Just by inhaling the smoke that is produced especially by cigarettes, the influence of nicotine can be traced in the bloodstream. This now brings clarification on how long does tobacco stay in your system and how it can be eliminated Read More