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Pros and Cons of Tobacco While Having Breast Augmentation

First, let us know what the meaning of breast augmentation is. It is a surgery in which implants are inserted beneath the breasts which help to enlarge them. This surgery is not only for the women who have small breasts but also for those women who want bigger and shapelier breasts. This surgery is undertaken even by those women who notice that there is very much change in the size of their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Read More


Mouth Sores From Chewing Tobacco

Mouth sores from chewing tobacco Chewing tobacco is a type of smoking. Generally, there are two forms of smokeless tobacco that include; chewing tobacco and snuff. Often chewing tobacco also known as “chaw” is sold in form of leaf tobacco which are packed in a pouch. It’s placed between the gum and cheek thus consumers Read More

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Tobacco Chest Pain Causes

A large chunk of the world population is addicted to tobacco. The presence of nicotine in tobacco is the prime reason behind this addiction. It becomes almost impossible to quit, once you are addicted to.

The nicotine in tobacco increases the heart rate. As a consequence, prolonged use of smoking gives birth to various problems in the chest.

The heart and the lungs get affected, and one can experience chest pain due to this. Read More

Phantosmia Cigarette Smoke

Smokers are prone to lung cancer more often than nonsmokers. Severe other health conditions that may be sustained by smoking include throat, lung and lung cancer and other lung diseases such as a cough, emphysema, smokers, premature wrinkles, lack of strength and stamina, blood from the eyes and decreased loss of libido desire. Read More

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Tobacco Stains on Teeth and How to Remove It

The important thing to getting rid of deeper stains is making sure that a high-quality teeth whitening gel are constantly in touch with teeth over an extended period of time. But be aware of using too much of these high-quality teeth whitening products because it can affect your teeth to be sensitive and may also implicate your gums and will lead to gum disease. Read More

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How to Fix Smokers Teeth

Following quite a while of smoking, your teeth are probably going to be recolored. You may have various holes not yet filled, and the gum disease with it. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) brings up, smokers will probably create gum infection than non-smokers. The following are tips on how to fix Read More

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Skin Damage Caused By Smoking

Smoking is bad for skin and especially your face, whether it’s directly smoking or second hand smoke. It will make most people look older, and classic smokers face is not attractive. Quitting is great if you can do it, although you probably can not entirely reverse prior skin damage and other negative health consequences as well. Read More

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How Long Does It Take to Quit Smoking?

For habitual users to come to a full stop with their tendencies to smoke, it usually takes up to several months to a year. However, there are cases that smokers pick up the cigarette again after 1+ years, so it may be an unending process for a few. Read More

An Understanding Of Sore Throat From Smoking

Smoking has become very influential (negatively) to our health and may result in many complications. The complications include irreversible lung damage in addition to effects on other body parts. A sore throat from smoking is as a result of frequent inhalation of the tobacco smoke. At first inhalation of smoke from tobacco appears to be Read More

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Tobacco Chewing Effects to Your Teeth

Tobacco chewing has no smoke but its rich of harmful effects. It’s proven that smokeless tobacco use causes an oral health problem, cancer as well as nicotine addiction. Chewing tobacco is overall harmful to your oral health as well as overall health. In this article, I’ll cover the most common effects of tobacco chewing on Read More