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Cigar Smoking Trends and Risk Factors

Cigar smoking used to an activity that attracted the older men, Primarily. It was additionally a custom in the United States for new dads to pass cigars out to their male companions when their child was conceived. Read about the risk factors of cigar smoking. Admittedly, these niches do exist. However, youthful people are picking Read More

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Cons Of Vaping

Even though vaping was common among different people much in the past, significant information about it hasn’t been made fully available. The introduction of vaping was based on health considerations, and this made it an option that the majority could adopt. Even though this wasn’t the case as vaping was seen to come with specific disadvantages that must be made clear for informed decision making. The article will focus on the cons of vaping and how we can handle ourselves better in such a case. Read More

Tobacco Advertising

The Problems Associated With Tobacco Advertising

We live in the 21st century, and it is called the century of advertising. And this is true. Every man couldn’t imagine his life without an advert nowadays. We can watch it everywhere we go, there are different hoardings, mail shot and spam on the Internet, word of mouth, commercials, etc. So it can influence Read More