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Vaping Before Surgery

Complications When Vaping Before Surgery

Smoking was never a good idea. This is a common sentence we listen from a person who smokes on a regular basis. But what about Vaping? Read More

woman shows that tobacco stain teeth

Does tobacco stain teeth?

For the sake of aesthetics, its everyone desire to have white healthy teeth that portray their beautiful smile. However, teeth discoloration in humans is often considered as undesirable and poor oral hygiene(unaesthetic). Stains on teeth are caused by a variety of reasons and tobacco is one of them (major one actually). If you are a Read More

Stop Smoking

Effective Tips On How To Quit Smoking

To combat the addiction, it’s therefore advisable to follow some of the popular natural methods on how to quit smoking. Learn about these methods Read More

Is Vaping Bad For You

Is Vaping Bad for You?

Cigarettes have always been the bane of any society. Known to have been a base link to other addictive drugs. We all know the government trying it’s best to bring down the sales of cigarette smoking and NGOs trying to stop people from smoking it with different kinds of campaigns. It causes some concern leading Read More